Generator Fumes Kill three family members

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Bola Bamigbola, Osogbo Three members of a family residing at the Olorisaoko Compound, Osogbo, Osun State, were found dead in their home in the early hours of Thursday. Although their death was blamed on many factors, including the last meal ate by the late police Sergeant Mary Samuel and her family, but security sources said the victims might have been … Read More

Jos says hello to solar power

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It was an incredible week in Jos. The team left on Monday and arrived in Jos on Tuesday morning. We were installing Solar Power at the National Metallurgical Development Center. The agency falls under the auspices of the Ministry of mines. We were installing the Almadden glass solar panels and a 2.5 kwh LG Chem 48 V lithium ion battery. … Read More

Successful Maiden Flight for Sun Flyer 2 Electric Plane

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David Szondy April 19th, 2018 Sun Flyer 2 taking off on its maiden flight on April 10(Credit: Sun Flyer) Another small electric airplane took to the skies recently in the form of Bye Aerospace’s prototype Sun Flyer 2, which made its maiden flight on April 10 at Centennial Airport south of Denver, Colorado. With a gross weight of 1,900 lb (860 kg), the … Read More

Tesla Batteries are Coming to Nigeria

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Build your very own Tesla Powerall with Tesla Smart EV Lithium Ion batteries. Tesla Powerall at a fraction of the cost. The Tesla Smart Lithium Ion Battery is: 48 V 3000 watt hours. One 55 pound battery, replaces Four 12 V 130 AH battery. Battery will last more than 10 years and is 90% charged in 1 hour. Coming soon at … Read More

Solar panels soon to be must on rooftops

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Solar panels soon to be must on rooftops THE ASIAN AGE. Published : Mar 16, 2018, 2:26 am IST Updated : Mar 16, 2018, 2:24 am IST Govt opened registration aiming to tap one GigaWatt of green energy by 2020. Under the scheme, the Union ministry of new and renewable energy will give a financial assistance of about 30 per … Read More