Deye 3.6 kw with Lithium

2,850,000.00 2,720,000.00

Dyness 3.6 kwh battery, Deye 3.6 kw inverter and 390W x 6 Mono panels


For less than 3 million naira you can own an inverter with a 5 year warranty, A battery with a 10 year warranty from Nigeria’s #1 provider of premium quality solar power.

AWPS Making Solar as reliable as time.

3.6 kw inverter with dual mppt, 7kw surge, 90 amp ac charger and a 5 year warranty

10 year warranty on your Dyness 3.6 kwh 48V battery.

6 x 390 watt tier 1 solar panels

Installation and Vat inclusive

Super hybrid Inverter
Your next Inverter
Dyness 3.6 Kwh Battery
Your next battery


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