Weco 4.4 kwh Lithium Battery



HeSU 4K4 is the most compact energy storage for domestic application, plug and play, compatible with several International Inverter manufacturer is one of the best sellers in Europe.

Scalable up to 22 kWh without any other accessory, the smart solution for home application 50 kg for 4,5 kWh in only 46x50cm and only 15cm of case thickness, can be easily installed in every room of your house, Wall or ground-mounted

Rated Voltage 52.2V
Voltage Range 44.8-58.8V
Rated Ah 86Ah
Capacity 4.4kWh
Cell Type LFP
Max Cycles Expected @ STC 7000
Max Charging Current 80A
Discharging Current 100A
Max Discharging Current 120A 30 sec
Charging Temperature** -10℃/+45℃
Discharging Temperature** -20℃/+60℃
Communication Interface CAN2.0/RS485/RS232
Max Parallel Units 5 Units without Master BMU
Battery Protection Over Charging/Over-discharge/Over Temperature/Over
KIT A1 Power cables ( Red and Black) Ground Cable, BMS cable, parallel Cable, Programming cable, Bracket, Screws, Terminals


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