Christopher J Onwuasoanya started Atlantic Waste and Power System in 2013, with the purpose of helping Nigerians achieve the goal of having clean and reliable electricity. Over the past 45 years Nigeria has generated between 4000 and 5000 MW of electricity to serve over 180 million people. Over 100 million Nigerians have no grid access.
Mr. Onwuasoanya who has lived in the United States since 1982, had become accustomed to having electricity 24/7. On his visits to Nigeria, the noise and pollution from generators made sleeping a challenge. Unaccustomed to the noise, he realized that sleeping pills or earplugs could not be a permanent solution. Nigeria is blessed with abundant sun and roof space. Marrying the two, created a solution to a problem that has challenged Nigerians for generations.
Our first solar installation Alasia Lagos. June of 2014.
  • In 2016, we were selected by Gilat Satcom of Israel out of many, to be their power solutions partner. Partnering with Gilat Satcom of Israel we provided power to 10 VSAT powered kiosks commissioned by the Nigerian Communications Commission in 6 states.
  • In 2017, our partner InStrat Global Health Solutions who teamed up with Inmarsat and the United Kingdom Space Agency to deploy 74 solar and internet solutions in healthcare centers across Ondo, Kano States and the Federal Capital Territory. AWPS Renewable Energy LTD, installed solar power in 40 healthcare centers over 14 working days across the FCT and Kano State. This was a record for the partnership.
  • 2018 Our first lithium ion solution with monitoring in Ikoyi, Lagos
  • Our 150th installation in Lekki in April 2018.
We are ranked #1 in customer satisfaction. We offer a concierge service that is unrivaled by the competition.

About our systems

  • The best European and American inverters, solar panes and charge controllers
  • In 2018 we are phasing out Lead acid batteries and will be using Lithium Ion Batteries exclusively. They are the batteries of the present, with up to 10 times the cycle life of lead acid batteries.
  • Inverters that properly charge and protect your batteries.
  • Batteries that get charged up to 50% faster than the competition on cloudy days and 30% on sunny days.
  • Systems that are installed to meet United States or European electrical Standards.
  • Fuels savings of up to 80% vs running a generator alone, Savings of up to 30% on PHCN bills (prepaid units) Industry leading warranty of 2 years.
  • Annual Service / maintenance agreements that ensures that your equipment is in tip top shape.

Our equipment Partners

  • Schneider Electric with 25 billion Euros in turnover has over 177000 employees and a 170 year history. They have a local office in Ikeja Lagos where they provide us with local support.
  • Victron Energy of the Netherlands. Offers the worlds most complete solar power solution.
  • OutBack Power is a privately held company headquartered in Arlington, WA, and is the leading designer and manufacturer of advanced power electronics for renewable energy, backup power, marine and mobile application
Mission Statement
To change the relationship Nigerians have with electricity. We want Nigerians to take having electricity for granted. To be as natural as eating food. As natural as breathing. Electricity should be quiet, clean and available.
Ranked by smallstarter.com as one of the top 11 Solar businesses lighting up Africa. AWPS Lighting up Africa