10 MW Solar Farm in Wantage NJ produces 3% of what we get in Nigeria

I shot this video today in Wantage, while visiting a solar farm. When the project is complete it will generate 10 MW of electricity, that is not dependent on natural gas, diesel or hydro. Nigeria anticipates that in 2020 she will produce 10,000 MW. This small facility using solar panels will produce 1% of the power that Nigeria anticipates feeding to her grid. This little facility will produce 3% of what Nigeria currently has going to the grid. Solar is proven. Solar is inexpensive. Sunshine is abundant in Nigeria. Watch the video and you will notice the absence of the sun. That has not deterred the builders of this 10 MW or .001 GW system from building a system. It makes economic sense to have solar as part of the energy solution in Nigeria. We have been asked questions about the reliability of Solar Power. Solar systems built today are very reliable. They have proven to be dependable sources of energy for large office buildings, mass retailers and governmental agencies, supplying megawatts of energy. Some of the largest companies in the world have buildings powered by solar energy, including eBay, WalMart, and the US Air Force. Talk to us about our RaLiza Basic, Premium and Ultimate line of home solar solutions. For your business ask us about our Minona line up to 200,000 Watts (200 Kva). Your business will love you for it. Come and let’s harness the power of the sun and take back our environment one person at a time.