A quiet solar power revolution is happening in Nigeria. We are a part of it

We sprang forward and it got warm

3 to 10 Kva
3 to 10 Kva

We finally got above freezing. Since my return 1 month ago it has been one or two snow storms a week. The thermometer refused to budge above the freezing mark. Today the temperatures got above 50 degrees F and here I am barefoot and no hat standing outside and basking in the joy of a warm day. Africans don’t know what we have. It felt good liberating myself of my bulky clothes and having the sun touch my skin. Thank you spring.

Countdown to the Nigerian Election

It is a very exciting time to be a Nigerian. For the first time in recent political history the electorate is the pretty girl that everyone wants to take on a date. The political class has come to campaign at your doorstep. Instead of flying past you, they now drive to you. They are begging you to give them a 2nd chance. For the first time the voter is an unknown. The President and his opponents are doing what they can to show the people that they care and how they will benefit from democracy. It is a good place for Nigeria and it can