Government Help US.

We refrain from getting involved in the politics of any country for a variety of reasons. We are not a political party, we are citizens like everyone else and we lack the expertise to prognosticate. A reader on our Facebook page wanted Solar Power options at N250,000 and wanted the government to step in and make it affordable for the masses. Nigerians have convinced themselves that every problem can and must be solved by the government. We interviewed some children a year ago and asked them to identify a problem within their community and solve it using Science Technology, Engineering and Math. They all knew the problem and they all believed that the government was to solve it. They lacked the ability to solve it.

Nigeria has spent over $50 billion dollars since the days of President Obasango to try and solve the power problems that challenges her. Today Nigeria produces less per capita than she did four years ago. Nigerians are suffering the consequences of less power but are reluctant to make the hard choices that can help them gain some modicum of independence.

I spent three weeks last year in Nigeria and everyone that has a generator adjusts electricity usage when they run the generator. One of the places I stayed in had two generators, one that ran till 9 pm and a bigger one that ran from 9 pm till the morning. Most other places only ran the necessary loads on generators and left off non essential loads. Yet most of the people who speak to us wants us to offer them an equivalent to grid power and expect generator cost for it. 2000 Watts is more than enough for most homes. It will power your fridge, your fans, your TV, your water pump and your lights. If you don’t have too many other things attached to it, it will power your 1.5 hp AC, TV, your fridge and lights at the same time. Visit our FAQ pages to answer your questions about Solar Power. We will be installing a couple of 1000 Watt systems on our next visit to Nigeria. We will video the loads that are attached to the 1000 Watt system for you to see. We will not solve the Nigerian energy problem, but we can help you weather it. We have 10 systems available, starting with the RaLiza Basic at less as $1500 for 600 Watts and all the way to the 20,000 Watt RaLiza Premium.

For our Business customer we have our Minona Premium Power solutions starting as low as $2.50 per watt.