Magodo Home on a 3kw Solar System

Solar power Lagos Nigeria
This is a solar power system we installed in a Magodo, Lagos home on Thursday July 3rd. It first full test was on the 4th of July. They did not have electricity from 11 am and it was not the brightest day. But it did its job till about 9:45 pm before the low battery warning came on. That will be remedied with the addition of more batteries. System should have 8 batteries. It currently has 4. This morning July 5 the generator was turned off at 545 am. We are running on batteries. Everything is still on. Security lights, two refrigerators, one deep freezer, assorted lights and TV’s. When it lightens up our panels should produce enough electricity to replenish the batteries. We are currently using 1.17Kw. The Sun should help us sustain that usage or we will quickly run out of stored power (in the 4 batteries).

Enjoy the video