Interesting and exciting conversations with our customers

Conversation with our client two days ago.

C: Can you tell me how many more panels I will need when you come to install them.
A: We have you getting six 255 W panels.
C: How much more will I need? I am using 9 % now (450W) and when the water pump comes on it goes to 45%. I want to run two AC.
A: How long are your 490 AH batteries lasting?
C: I am getting more than 12 hours out of them. I have not used my Gen since you installed the system. PHCN comes just before the system starts to beep.
A: You know you purchased 1202 AH in batteries. Lets bring the panels and your new batteries and we can monitor your charge and discharge rate and we can then determine how many more you will need.
C: I want to have everything right from the get go.
A: 2.5 Kw in panels should take you through the day. I can’t guarantee your nights if you run 2 AC’s with 1202 AH in batteries.
C: I might need a bigger battery bank.
A: Yes you will.
A client that is thinking ahead. The system is performing well and he has saved so much money on fuel. When we add his panels next month (after he finishes building the carport) he won’t think about a generator anymore. Sweet

5 Kw with 2 V batteries in PH
5 Kw with 2 V batteries in PH

Conversation today February 12, 2015 at 3:30 AM

What happens when you run your batteries down at 10 PM

The client called from Lagos and said
C: I have not had light since 10 pm last night.
A: Can you explain the circumstances
C: It rained heavily yesterday and we have not had NEPA for 2 days.
A: Do you know what the voltage of your batteries are?
C: 20.6 V.
A: Do you remember our conversation about you not buying enough batteries and panels and if NEPA is out for 2 days and it rains to turn off your freezer and water pump. 20.6 is a battery in crisis. Your operating range is between 24 and 26. Did you hear the alarm?
C: Yes we did. It beeped for a few hours and then the lights went out.
A: It is 930 AM what is the voltage of your battery?
C: 22.8 V
A: Leave the system off for 6 hours, the sun should recharge your batteries fully today. You can spring some money to double your battery bank and you won’t have to worry again.
C: So you are saying that I ran out of fuel.
A: Yes you have a fuel tank that is deigned for 24 to 30 hours. You got 48 hours out of it. Turn every thing off and your tank will be full in 6 to 8 hours.
C: Thank you I will pay attention to my batteries going forward.
A: I am sure someone used an Iron and the water pump did stress it when it was discharged but the batteries will recover.

Folks it is important that you pay attention to your batteries Our client got comfortable and plain forgot about his system and batteries.

3 kw with Trojan 410 AH batteries
3 kw with Trojan 410 AH batteries