Living off Grid in Magboro

Our Client Mr. Sotonye came to our office today. He has been our client since February of 2014. For the last 8 months he has been living off the grid. He has power 24/7, does normal things, like pump water, toast bread, do laundry, power his AC, run his freezer, iron his clothes and once powered his hot water heater. He started with 1 Kw and his existing batteries and a 4 kw Inverter. He replaced his batteries with 8 Trojan L16 flooded batteries and a 60 amp MPPT charge controller.

He upgraded when he moved to Magboro. From 1 KW to 4 KW in panels. He has a diesel generator for back up on days when the sun does not shine to top up his batteries. He averages 4 hours every 2 weeks during really bad days of no or minimal sunshine.

Watch the video to learn more.