Road Trip

Yesterday we went to visit two clients and one enthusiast in Oworo.

The enthusiast is a young man that has followed Dr Solar on Nairaland for a while. He got someone to install a small solar system for him and he could not understand why he was not getting the expected yields from the system,

After a brief inspection of his system; some conclusions. We are not 100% sure that his panels are 130 W each. Two: the cables from the controller to the battery need to be shortened and three: he needs to keep the same size cable on the positive and negative from the controller to the batteries. We did a firmware upgrade on his charge controller and gave him a history of his production. We also suggested he add additional panels to compensate for the poor yields during the rainy season.

His system: 2 130 watt panels, 1 12V 200AH battery, a 30 amp Fangpusun 100/30 MPPT controller and a 1.5 Kva inverter. How does he use the system? (I have a led TV 32inch, gotv, charge my phone, standing fan and occasionally use my laptop)