Our Prices Are Going up on May 1, 2014

We want to thank everyone that has supported us so far in our quest to bring clean, reliable and inexpensive solar solutions to our brothers and sisters in Sub-Saharan Africa. The burden of self generation is one that does not allow for development that will lift our brothers and sisters out of poverty. We hope we can help in our own little way.
We will be completing our test runs and installations next month. We have realized that the cost of doing business in Sub Saharan Africa is higher that we initially calculated. Finding competent help, customs, transportation and basic tools cost much more than it does in the west.
Our current price point is over 30% below the inverter market. We have gone and priced our offering in Nigeria and we are by far very cost competitive. We want to continue to offer a superior product and at the same time we want to have a business model that is sustainable.
We have hired expertise from outside of the countries we do business in. We had to do this because we have had a challenge finding qualified people. We plan on setting up training facilities and partnering with a school to train the next generation of installers and solar experts. Our goal is to start the training in Abia State by September 2014.

We have updated and improved the experience on our web page. People that use mobile devices will experience faster load times. It has been cleaned up to provide a more uniform look and all the popular social media buttons has been added for your convenience.

In our quest to further improve the customer experience and touch, we have added a land line number in Nigeria. Our customers in Nigeria can dial 01 404 1003 my extension is 121. From May 1 you will be given an option that lets you speak to an employee in our Lagos office. As we add more staff we will give you access to them.

We are testing some additional products that will compliment our current offerings. Solar Hot water heaters (I like hot showers) and solar well pumps. Once we have completed our testing we will add them to our catalogue and announce them.

Effective May 1, 2014 we will increase the prices of our popular Solar power offerings. Even with the increase we still offer a product that is a superior value to what is found in the market today.

Thank you for your support and we will continue to provide you with a superior product and top notch customer service.