Are Solar Powered homes reliable?

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Is Solar Power reliable?

Yes: It has very few moving parts. With advances in electronics the main system the Inverter and Charge controller are pretty durable. It is important you purchase a quality product. You get what you pay for. The Solar panels or PV’s usually last 20 to 25 years with very minimal maintenance. The batteries last between 4 to 5 years. Some systems have had batteries last longer than 8 years. Batteries require monthly checks.

Are the lights as bright as what I get from the grid or a generator?
Yes: Most high quality Inverters are pure sine wave systems. They work best on your lights and sensitive electronics. You will not experience any flickering or spikes. As long as you have enough energy stored in your batteries, the inverter will provide clean strong AC power.

Can I increase capacity in the future?
Yes the system is fully scalable. Some inverters allow you to chain them so you can double the capacity of the system. You can also add additional solar panels (PV) and batteries to increase the capacity and efficiency of your system.

Please watch this short video from the US Department of Energy that tells you more about Solar Power.

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