Benefits of buying a house with solar panels in Nigeria

Solar power has always been a good investment to make. Are you considering purchasing a new home and you are in between deciding on purchasing one with solar panels and one without solar panels?


A personal opinion would be to purchase that with solar panels. However, I wouldn’t want you to take my words for it. I would want you to explore further and acknowledge the benefit of having a home with solar panels.

Solar panels could save you the hefty bills you pay for electricity and apart from that, you get more and more out of the investment.

Over the last few years, solar panels have been installed in more houses than before. In U.S alone more than 12.3 million Americans installed solar panels in their home in 2018. That shows how beneficial solar-powered houses are. 

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Here are some reasons you should purchase a house with solar panels.

5 Solid Reasons You Should Purchase a House With Solar Panels

1. Generate your sustainable energy

Purchasing a house with already installed solar panels gives you the ability to generate sustainable energy. You become independent of a utility company and reduce your reliance on fossil fuels which is great for you.

In Nigeria, there is heavy dependence on fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are used in powerhouses and they increase the carbon emission in the environment. If you purchase a house with solar panels, you are sure to be generating your sustainable energy which leaves no noise pollution or carbon emission on the environment.

2. Constant electricity

On a sunny day, you are sure to get the most out of the sun’s free energy which can also be stored for use on a cloudy day if you have solar panels already installed in your home. 

With good batteries added to the installation, you are sure to enjoy constant electricity which NEPA (or any other utility company) cannot give you. Imagine waking up in the middle of the night and doing all you want to do with electricity all because you have a home that is powered by the sun.

That’s one advantage of buying a house with solar panels.

3. Save money

An average home in Nigeria spends nothing less than #10,000 on electricity bills per month and this doesn’t include the money spent on generator bills too.

Let’s do little calculations for the money spent on running a generator.

Taking that the price of petro is #150/liter and diesel is #190/liter. You use a generator which operates using petrol and you buy a minimum of 3 liters a day.

That alone sums up to #450/day, #3,150/week, #13,500/month and #164,250/year.

Looking at that of diesel using a minimum of 3liters daily gives #570/day, #3,990/week, #17,100/month, and #208,050 / year.

This a just a rough estimate of how much you spend in running a generator every day.

Investing in purchasing a house with solar panels is worth the money.

4. Little maintenance

Unlike the generator used in powering most homes in Nigeria, solar panels are easier to maintain. A typical generator will require monthly or bimonthly maintenance which could be expensive most times.

For solar panels, maintenance occurs 2-4 times a year and it is relatively cheap depending on the company.

5. Improved home value

If you are looking for a good investment to make, then you should purchase a house with solar panels. Homes with solar panels are valuable in the market right now. They are considered an asset that can be sold for a much higher price than was purchased at a much faster rate.

Final thoughts

Before purchasing a house with solar panels, you should find out about the size of the panels and how much electricity it generates. Smaller solar panels produce a small electric current which may not be enough to successfully power your home appliances.


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