Why should I get my solar panels from you?

In two days it will be 2017, we will all be wishing each other a happy new year, while celebrating the passing of 2016.
Allow us at AWPS Renewable Energy, LTD to wish you a prosperous and healthy 2017.

At the end of the year we had an exercise within our organization where we asked our team mates this question

Why AWPS Renewable Energy? Why should a customer choose us over the competition?

The answers team members gave centered on

The wonderful work we did.
The incredible service that we provided to our customers.
The beauty and quality of the work that we did.
The robustness of the equipment we installed.
The caliber of the equipment we installed.
We use the best materials and equipment compared to the competition.
We care for our customers
We offer near instant customer service.
The most reliable solar power in Nigeria
We have customers in 13 States and the FCT.

While all this is factual and good:

Was it enough reason to convince you to spend N2,000,000 or more for solar power with us?

The answer in the mind of management was no. To get you closer to yes, we produced an info graphic that tells our story better than we have done over the last 3 years. It puts together the reasons that makes us number #1 in customer satisfaction. Why our systems don’t fail when it rains (God knows it rains in Nigeria). Why 80% of our referral business comes from customers who have used our systems for longer than 18 months. Why our customers save up to 80% on fuel costs. Why our partners are the worlds’ best. Why we protect your batteries better than the competition.

More reasons to buy the best

Please enjoy. Now that we have given you better reasons to invest in solar with us, call +234 1 888 1040 now or visit our shop to pick the best system that meets your needs.

The team at AWPS Renewable Energy wish you and your family a very HAPPY 2017.

The best is ahead of us Nigeria.

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