Energy Savings Tips.

It is no longer news that electricity tariff was hiked by between 50% and 100% depending on the location.

It was reported that the new tariff is also a function of hours of availability of electricity 😃.

The first step is to identify the biggest energy consuming appliances in your home. A typical home gives the following consumption pattern:

1. Air Conditioning and Heating- 46%
2. Water Heating- 14%
3. Appliances (Fridge, Washing Machine etc) -13%
4. Lighting: 9%
3. Other Appliances -13%

If you can also invest in renewable energy, Solar is a good one, we have good sunshine and this can be converted to energy. Cost? Yes the initial cost is high, but in the long run, it is a great investment. Get off the grid periodically and save yourself some money.

Anyway, let us share some tips on how and ways you can save energy and pay less bill.

1. Use daylight ☀️☀️as much as possible. Energy saved in the daytime can be used at night.

2. Use fan instead of Air Conditioners where possible 😉

3. Switch off your Air Conditioners when leaving the room…at least for 15 mins. Yes, switch it off . I will even suggest you set your Air Conditioners mode to Auto and set to room temperature.

4. Each LED Bulb you install can save a lot of money over its lifetime. Always switch off light when not in use.

5. Switch off Fridge/Freezer when empty. Better still, if the supply in your area is constant, put the deep freezer off at night or during the day – 12 hourly. You’ll save a lot.🤷‍♂️

6. Do not put hot or warm food straight into the Fridge/Freezer.

7. Use Electric Kettle to Boil Water instead of Electric Cooker. E get why o 😉

8. Iron clothing in bulk and not in small quantities at a time. While at it, put off your fridge and freezer for the period.

9. Do not leave water heater on for too long. Make sure your water heater has a good thermostat.

10. It is cheaper to cook with natural gas than electric cooker.

11. Use heating appliances with functional thermostats. You know why? To regulate the appliances.

12. Keep doors and windows shut when Air Conditioners are in operation.

13. Defrost your freezer regularly to keep it running efficiently.

14. Unplug any devices or appliances not in use at any point.

15. Put off the freezer, fridge, electric kettle and electric cooker while the pumping machine is on. U save a lot thereby.

The list is inexhaustible. However, discipline is key. You must set measurable rules in your home and violators must be sanctioned 😀

By the way I got some of these tips from Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission, NERC, website. So visit the site for more.

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