Creative solutions to old problems


Client lives in a model home in Old Gra Port Harcout. Low energy consumption, low carbon foot print, high ceilings, central air conditioning, no storage water tank and a beautiful full sized swimming full. The house requires power 24/7 for the duct fans to move air and for the faucets / taps to provide water. You can imagine the inconvenience of not having water in the middle of a shower when PHCN takes power.

His Current Solution:

A Sukham 10 kva single phase Inverter and an 80 kva Cat generator. Three phase for the AC condensers and single phase for everything else.

The Sukham was installed by a local company that provided good service but shoddy workmanship. The batteries were about to be replaced for the third time since 2014. The customer was convinced that the problem was the battery and not the inverter and spent over N2,000,000 for 8 Deka batteries. The 8 Dekka batteries were added to his bad batteries and he was getting very poor results. The inverter was dead after 2 hours and the customer was back to running his generator when the grid failed.

Out with the old

Our Solution

A Victron Quattro 8000, a Victron Battery Monitor and some creative programming. We installed the the Victron Quattro and programmed it to meet certain conditions that turned on the generator if PHCN was unavailable and turned off the generator when PHCN returned or the batteries were at full charge.

The system was installed by our tech team led by Kay and the customer is very happy. He can save over 40% on diesel compared to the old system. Next month we will add solar panels to minimize day time use of the generators. Later we will go three phase to allow him to run his AC on solar during the day. The Victron Quattro provided a proper three stage battery charging (extend battery life), twin AC Input that allowed us to connect the grid and generator at the same time and twin AC Output that allowed us to isolate loads at the inverter. The system starts and stops the generator based on actual need (programmed by us to meet how the customer used power) and usage. The customer will install a three phase automatic change over to allow him to take advantage of the times the inverter turns the generator on to power his central air conditioner. We worked closely with the supplier of his generator to design and program this solution.

Creative Solution in Port Harcourt

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