Energy Saving Tips: How to Conserve Energy at Home

Conservation of energy is an essential and ideal thing to do if you want to get the best out of your utility bills most especially if you use a prepaid meter.

To conserve energy, you need to cut down the amount of energy consumed in your home. While this may sound like hard stuff to do, it is quite simple and easy to do if you follow the tips outlined and explained below 


Keep in mind that these tips will work for your home, office, and any other place where you need to conserve energy. So, let’s dive in.


9 sure-fire energy saving tips

1. Use LED bulbs

One way to conserve energy and get the best out of your payment is to replace all standard bulbs with energy-efficient light bulbs.

Standard bulbs consume a whole lot of electric current than the LED bulbs. Although quite expensive when compared to standard bulbs, LED bulbs are energy-efficient are a better choice in the long run.

2. Use a fan when possible

Continuous use of air conditioners also contributes to the high electricity bills you pay. Air conditioners consume a lot of energy and therefore are not ideal to use always.

A fan always comes as a perfect substitute for the use of an air conditioner. The fan helps conserve energy which is just what you want to do.

3. Purchase energy-efficient appliances

As with the bulbs, it is of high importance that you purchase only energy-efficient appliances. When purchasing appliances such as iron-dishwasher er, washing machine,e, and other appliances, ensure you go for energy-conserving ones.

They are proven to be energy efficient although they are quite expensive when compared to others and they are a good return on investment for you since they conserve energy and save you the stress of high electricity bills.


4. Poor connection/electrical issues

The poor connection could be one reason for energy loss in the home. To conserve more energy, you need to contact an electrician to run a check on all writing connections and repair all electrical issues.


5. Turn off all appliances when not in use bet you didn’t know how much energy has been consumed by the appliances you left, on the whole, going out. Or did you know?

Well, if you did Kudos to you and if you didn’t know, there’s how it works.

Leaving your appliance on when not in use contributes to the vast amount of energy consumed by you. So, the next time you aren’t making use of an appliance, do turn it off.


Even something as minor as your phone’s charger ought to be the end off when not in use as this enables you to conserve more energy.

6. Shut all windows and doors when using an air conditioner

When using an air conditioner, do ensure to shut all windows and doors to conserve energy and get the best out of the power consumed by the air conditioner.

7. Home audit

Once in a while, conduct an audit on your home energy. A home audit gives you insight into the best ways to improve the energy efficiency and quality of your home.


8. Watt rating

Perform an exact rating on all your appliances to ascertain which one consumes so much energy and map out strategies to replace high energy consuming appliances with low energy consuming ones.

9. Go solar

One way to reduce the amount you spend on electricity is to get the most out of the free energy made available by the sun.

Install a solar panel and save yourself the stress of high electricity bills. There are many benefits of installing a solar panel.

Installing a solar panel gives you an edge over others as you become independent of the utility company.

To find out more about solar panel installation, contact us here.


Final thought

Conserving energy is an ideal thing to do. As above, you can follow those tips to conserve energy.

I would love to hear from you, what other ways do you conserve energy at home.

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