Shattering Stereotypes

We have been saddled with so many wrong stereotypes about Nigeria and Nigerians. Let us correct a few.

In the late 1980’s Nigerians living in America were associated with fraud. Bank fraud and credit card fraud. Someone at a bank once asked me, “why are Nigerians so fraudulent” and I retorted why are are young Americans so stupid? Today Nigerians in America are held out as the most successful immigrant group. Highest education, highest per capita income and most purchase their homes within a generation. No other immigrant group has that record.

In Nigeria they say we don’t do maintenance. That is incorrect, if we did not we would not have so many road side mechanics. Nigerians are the only people that will be driving a car and the minute they hear a sound or shudder take it to a mechanic. We do the same with doctors. If a cure is not prescribed we assume the doctor or mechanic is fake.

Yes we service what we install. In addition to cleaning the panels, we check the connections to make sure they are tight, we test each individual battery, we test the controller and we test, open and clean the inverters.

Cleaning dirty panels

From the picture above you can see a woman cleaning panels. She is standing on the roof of a two story building. Another stereotype we want to shatter. Woman today do whatever they set their minds to do.The world has women leaders, airline pilots, trailer drivers, CEO’s, engineers and much more. Some day it would not be unusual when we post this image.

Another stereotype. Nigerians do bad work and offer poor customer service. We have had the best artisans, engineers, designers, teachers. Jamaica and many countries had teachers from Nigeria. Nigerian were forming metal before the Europeans knew what that was. Catholic priest from Nigeria are found in parishes in the western world. You go to any hospital in America and if you see a black doctor chances are they are Nigeria. We have mediocre talent out there but there are many more who shine. Seek them and they will come to you. Our team members are instructed to ride God is Good Motors because of their exemplary service. On one trip the vehicle broke down, the driver eventually repaired the vehicle but the passengers lacked confidence in the repairs done and asked to be taken back to Lagos. The customer service team of the company called every passenger that evening and apologized. Asked if they still wanted to travel. They passengers instructed to come back the next morning at 6 am. At 5 am customer service called again to make sure they were coming. They received an apology a refund and a free trip to their destination. That happened in Nigeria. A Nigerian company doing the right thing. (Arik could learn a thing or two from them)

The Competition

The day that you continue to accept work that looks like this is over.

A child hood friend I grew up with died 2 years ago. She was electrocuted in her shower. I am sure that a very competent electrician gave a quote and the job went to someone with less experience and a lower price. After all are they not only joining wire? Are they now? Same thing happens when you purchase solar power. Too many people choose price over expertise and they bad mouth solar and not the installation. We charge for installation and we charge a good fee for it. We also charge for an installation kit. In the installation kits is a 6 ft earth rod, ac and DC breakers, bus bars, a change over, a combiner box, quality welding cable and much more.

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